About Us

Discover the essence of De Koppelpaarden

Immerse yourself in the story of our historic building in the vibrant town of Lichtenvoorde, where hospitality, unique features, and a special connection to the past come together. Let us take you on a journey through our identity and what makes us special. Here at De Koppelpaarden, your stay is not just accommodation—it’s an authentic experience steeped in history and warm hospitality. Welcome!

Our History

You’ll find De Koppelpaarden in a historic and prominent building in the heart of Lichtenvoorde. The building was constructed in the early 18th century, and the space in front of it was used for hitching horses to the horse-drawn tram.

Services & Amenities

Explore all our services and hotel amenities that make your stay feel like home in Lichtenvoorde.


The village of Lichtenvoorde and its beautiful surroundings are bursting with activities due to a rich community life. From cultural associations to sports clubs, there are countless opportunities to participate in various activities and fully enjoy them.

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