Meeting Packages

Dive into our meeting packages, where success and smooth efficiency meet!

Whether you go for the quick boost of Meeting Package I or the full-day experience with Meeting Package II, discover the formula that suits your meeting style. Turn every meeting into a dynamic source of inspiration and success!

Meeting Package I

Focus on Productivity

Our half-day package emphasizes efficiency and comfort. Enjoy unlimited coffee and tea, refreshing Chaudfontaine drinks, a warm welcome with sweet treats, and an energetic fruit bowl.

Optionally, you can enrich your meeting with our extensive lunch buffet.

15,- per person
Excluding room rental

Meeting Package II

Full Day, Full Success

For a full day of inspiration and productivity, our full-day package offers everything you need. Benefit from unlimited coffee and tea, hydrating Chaudfontaine, a warm welcome with sweet treats, a refreshing fruit bowl, and an extensive lunch buffet.

39,50 per person
Excluding room rental
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